authenti coin

Authenti coin is the future of tokens. Its built with fundamentals too strengthen it as well as longevity. As we began this journey we saw the pitfalls of tokens and set out the means to fix it. Check out our white pages for more info.

What is ATC?

Authenti Coin was built to fix the problems with tokens.

Authenti coin is the future of tokens. Its built with fundamentals too strengthen it and bring longevity. As we began this journey we saw the pitfalls and politics of tokens and set out the means to fix it. Check out our white pages for more.

We also have plans to further usability and knowledge of tokens, in the coming months we will reveal the steps we are taking which will disrupt the norm and bring in a new age of cryptology and smart tokenomics.

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Main Features

Authenti Coin Features

Things were working on. this is a preview check our White Paper for details.

Locked LP

Locking the LP and giving much needed liquidty to the network..

Auto Burn

2Trillion tokens burned every 3months and doubles every 2years.

Time Protection

Time protection protects our holders from short term holders and big whales the 1st 90days is crucial.

Future Growth

Growth with these steps from auto LP and 3months burn pushes token price while gaining holders.

Crypto Pay Machine

Our future plans creating a Crypto payment machine advancing cryptology.

Hard Cold Wallet

Building dependable hard cold wallet bringing more people to the Authenti Ecosystem.

No dice

We take this seriously we want new Crypto holders understand were not just a meme coin we are the the future.

Key to the Future

We believe this is a technology race Physical and Software, From the devices we build to the application that works cohesively with it.

What is cryptology?

Authenti is bridging the gap from the old to the new.

Cryptology is the technology of the future mixed with the crypto of the now and up and coming. Crypto is fairly new and theres not many technology that tend to its needs. Thats where we come in, We are taking the challenge too bridge that gap.

We have physical technology and software technology were bringing together. also we want to steam line payments and P2P Defi transfers, aATM use, and hardcore cold wallets.

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Authenti Coin

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change the way we transfer money P2P, Change how we purchase things, weather at a store ,online or through a app. Bringing Blockchain to a new level to our everyday life. Stream lining and making it an ease of use.

Bringing this Cryptology to emerging markets speeds up this process. while new and up coming market use this new way of life. The current more advanced countries will pick it up and the race to bring the every day people will close that gap.

As we make these advancement and release these Cryptology, Applications, and Blockchain. it also brings all our holder along for this change.


Authenti Roadmap to Success

Our Roadmap and Goals we set for ourselves to bring in a new era in cryptology.

June 2021

The beginning our ico will begin the funding faze to embark on this race too success , funding for the hard cold wallet , our pay machine for merchant stores , restaurant,etc, our ATM, and our apps bridging the gap of the past and present of technology.

Sept/Oct 2021

Release of the coins major push to bring awareness on this great opportunity, exchange listing etc, providing monthly update on exchanges.

Jan 2022

Our first app in a line of cryptologies planned to be released, -This will be released on iOs and android platform more details will be released in Dec 2021, Working in Caribbean/Africa emerging markets with our cryptology and tokenomics.

April 2022

We will be beta testing our hard cold wallet with also the release of our wallet. also our credit card in preparation for use of both cc or crypto.

July 2022

Release of the hard cold wallet with application for it, released on iOs and android.

Oct 2022

Pay machine beta testing, limited location use and ramp up for 2022 application that works with it as well and begin working on atm building our secure means of use.

Jan 2023

Credit card pay machine released broad scale will work with merchants current system but can also take card payments or crypto. Specialized target release make major impact and usability.

Mar 2023

Building our own exchange which brings opportunity and space for growth.

Join Us as we embark on a new path a new way of life , Were breaking the mold and shaping the future it can be done it will be done! Join our team if interested were always looking for passionate and dedicated people to bring these visions into fruition...Thank You.