Authenti Coin White Paper

White Paper


Authenti Coin is built on trust we want to show our holders our vision and take a step in this journey with us. we worked on this project to put forward a token that works and provides service. in the coming months we will be showing the changes and development we will impose. Usually the first 90days many new tokens get hit with whale holders that pulls the token down. stops it on momentum and leaves others stuck in a bad position. this token will give time for new holders and current to flourish. heres our plan...

Auto burn


Redistributions rewards


The 1st 90Days

The 1st 90Days

LP is Locked 3yrs


Future Goals



Our team wants this token to succeed we've seen to many tokens battered and beaten from huge whales so we've taken steps to combat this to give these token time and opportunity to grown with our holders. theres a rotation period where new holders join our community. as each day/week/month we gain new holders which in time stabilizes within the 90days.

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